Marketing Workshop

Workshop 1

ASM Group of Institutes
19 October 2016

It was an introductory session on the growth and success of digital marketing in the last 5 years. The audience being post grad college students came to know about the potential of digital marketing as a career(job/ entrepreneurship). This interactive session was very much enjoyed by the students who gained brief details on how digital marketing works.

Workshop 2

ASM Group of Institutes
11 March 2018

It was a complete guide to digital marketing for business owners. The workshop covered points on what to look for in an agency, who will take care of digital marketing for your business as well as how to self manage social media marketing for your brand. This interactive session was followed by a Q&A session in the last hour which went on to be the best hour.

Workshop 3

Nilaya Institute
08 Sept 2018

This was a 2 hour guest lecture giving away every detail necessary to understand the concept of Digital Marketing. The audience being students of a digital marketing course were given statistics on the current digital marketing trends and a tour of successful case studies of Valens Advertising Agency. The workshop ended with an 30 minutes interactive Q&A session.

Workshop 4

Jspm College of Engineering Hadapsar
22 Sept 2018

This 1 hour seminar on Entrepreneurship Development at JSPM was about reviewing the students' career goals and introducing Digital Marketing as one of the rising career options. The seminar gave a brief introduction to Digital Marketing and available opportunities for students in this field. The session was liked and well appreciated by the students.

Workshop 5

Jspm College of Engineering Nahre Pune

his workshop focused on promoting Digital Marketing as one of the most developing field in India. It's key motive was to introduce students to the careers made available by Digital Marketing. The workshop showcased a PPT with stats and information and also took intervals to conduct interactive as well as informative games. Event Hosted by: Udyogwardhini - Weisheit Institute

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