We will not get into the “social media marketing benefits and “why social media advertising is important” zones, as you would have stumbled upon such articles/blogs millions of times by now.
Lets go beyond of what bare minimum everone is doing. Lets see if you are maintaing and improving the quality of your Social Media Marketing endeavours.
You may have gone beyond the basic checklist

  1. Having an account on social media site(Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  2. Certain number of posts/blogs being done on regular intervals

But there still persists manyconcerns which deserve sincere attention:

  • Whether right plans were developed and agreed?
  • Whether the execution is exactly being done as per the plans?
  • Whether the right audience was identified and for them, if right and engaging content was created?
  • Whether proper Social media monitoring and measurement was done?
  • Whether fine tuning/course correction (very very necessary) was done on the basis of above results?

PDCA Cycle

The above activities can be easily summarised into 4 stages/phases that are part of basic quality management system popularly referred to as P-D-C-A cycle. PDCA stands for Plan, Do, Check and Act & it is sheer common sense!!!

But lot of folks falter there too.

Especially in this chaotic era where everyone is trying to imitate what majority of competition is doing.That’s where many social media marketing and advertising initiatives go wrong.

Let take a look at a snapshot of how this cycle looks like.

It is very important to remember that more the iterations of this cycle, more is the improvement and more marketing yield.

Valens has required experience to manage and execute all this 4 stages and has done facilitated clients through many many iterations.

But what if you want to engage Valens in only one or two certain stages?

Here is how it can work…..

  1. Valens media strategistscan help you ‘PLAN’.
  2. If you are already done with planning, Valens will ‘DO’ (execute) it effectively.
  3. Lets say if you have decided to run your socail media campaigns on your own, Valens’ team can‘CHECK’ (evaluate) if execution or even planning is sound.
  4. Lets say you have done all the 3 stages on your own and want to engage Valens in 4th stage to ‘ACT’.

It is never too let to go to experts, if you are determined to stay in the game!