“People relate things through their joys and sorrows.. Fun and frustrations they experience”
- Anonymous

What is it ?
Experiential marketing is a perfect way of providing a tangible experience for the consumer by interacting with the brand.

It is sometimes also referred to as Engagement Marketing. The words 'experiential' & 'engagement' clearly suggest creating an experience for the target consumers by engaging them with the brand/product/service

How it works:

It may entail of different formats like small events, interactive roadshows, concerts, FB live with brand ambassador/celebrity etc. It also goes on taking form of Event marketing but shouldn’t be confused with event management.

It involves creating a small event where consumers are invited either much before the event in planned manner or at times targeted at walk-in consumers at a certain public place. Interaction with brand with minimal or no ‘talk’ apart from instructions/moderations by understated anchor.

Example :

Valens for one of it customer’s brand Star Refined edible oil, arranged for Food & Health Carnival for females in Mumbai and Pune. Participating ladies were requested to use to used Star Oil, to cook various dishes. In addition to this , participation prizes were given away. The experience was captured in various ways(Feedback video, Feedback-signature-wall, Live Tweets, FB Live , Instagram).

After effect:

It is very possible that the individuals who come for such 'experience' of your brand , walk away with its taste, color, feel and other essential features and it becomes unforgettable for them for life. And this indeed is true, that these elements get intertwined with joy & amusement they must have felt through.

Why it’s a big thing these days:

  • Emotional Connect is very high

  • Relatively Inexpensive as compared to Tele & Print me

  • Word of mouth is its biggest strength

  • Addresses audience which may be sceptical of Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing

Valens deeply believes in the core philosophy of Experiential Marketing and has knack of directly engaging consumers; inviting and encouraging them to participate in the evolution of a brand or a brand experience, using various methods of Experiential Marketing & event marketing.

P.S. : This concept should not be confused with Event Management and Event Promotion. Nonetheless Valens has expertise in these domains too.