Sometimes, it is the little things that inspire us the most unbelievable way possible. The idea is just there, you just have to spot and build it, something what the
last part of the blog talks about.

At Creativity World Forum 2008, Richard Stomp, innovation and strategy manager in Netherlands, suggested that to be creative you should try 'Streetcombing'- like beachcombing (an activity where a person looks for objects of value or interest on the streets. It could be some spectacular graffiti, a plain window, anything) Seek interesting stuff and you shall find it and photograph it.

The idea of the 'Harry Potter' series occurred to J.K Rowling on a delayed train (something very common) travelling from Manchester to London King’s Cross in 1990.

Start-ups too are superb examples of the above.

Keep an inspirational journal (Remember, why you started)

Pause and ask yourself, "100 things that you would like to do before you die!"

Keep a journal for the same, with pictures of places you wish to go, things you were longing to do since 20 or perhaps owning an Audi!

It could be snaps of vacations in Europe, Skydiving in Spain, Playing at Ultra music fest, rendezvous with the president.... Anything!

Employ your creativity in maintaining your journal too. The pictures, fonts, what has to go next and probably how will the goals be achieved.

This shall constantly inspire you to work hard and be there.

Staying creative isn't that hard. So, dear pals are you ready to rock?