We're assuming you're probably back from your mini-vacation to explore other ways of staying creative ( Read the previous blog ).
So here are few more tips to help you explore creativity and being creative.

Imagine you're a lawyer. You religiously work from 9 to 5 under the roofs of the court. You are constantly greeted by the bodies dressed in black and white and very likely you hang out with them in your free time. Does your conversation go beyond, ' Clients, prosecutor, laws and sections A, B.. etc? Surrounded by the people with same interests or profession as you doesn't give enough room for growth and the conversations are usual.

Make some time and step out and enrol yourself in a dance school to imitate that popular 'Moon walk' or maybe a foreign language class to talk like 'Joey Tribbiani'

It's when you head out of your comfort zone, you expand not only your friend circle but also your knowledge base and that's how you grow.

So, until next time, “How you doin?”

Think like a kid. Be the kid. (Curiosity gets better of you!)

"Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once we grow up.” –Picasso

That applies to creativity in general.

On an average a kid asks 288 questions in a day which reduces to a single digit number when we grow up. To return to the state of creativity that children have naturally, we have to do what they do- Ask! (What? Why? How? When? Where? But?)

The trick is to find probable solutions in/from the questions itself.

Also, spend quality time playing under the sun or doodling. It helps your body and mind to breathe.

‘The Writing Hut’ was Roald Dahl's private working space in which he adapted the furniture to minimise his aches and pains. Over the years he assembled a collection of momentoes from his friends, family and fans.

Having a dedicated space feeds your creative mood. Adorn your creative space with pictures, items and colours that encourage creativity. Here are some ideas:

Plants and flowers, inspirational quote, posters etc.

Is your to-do list ready?