You are popularly known for your wit and 'Eureka-ness' in the office. The one who in jiffy, solves puzzles with his/her wand of divergent thinking. You are the one that old and grumpy boss chooses to signal first right before a meeting because that's where all the novel ideas come from and you don't keep the clients waiting, blame the instant approvals.
But sometimes the 'Bulb' doesn't glow.

Well, here's what you need to do for being creative and always brimming with ideas.

You are not under-arrest (Dream and most importantly daydream)

Probably every worthwhile invention or discovery has appeared in a daydream before it took a form in the real world. The former blog mentions how, sometimes your dreams can turn into things you've always dreamt of. Day dream is an essential form of creativity.

The Greek based system of logic has its boundaries but imagination, no. Let it flow!

Who knew what was broadcasted at 5:30, during our childhood would actually turn into a reality and make the masses around the globe say, 'Pokemon Go!' Don’t we all feel like Ash?

Isn't every animation movie we adore begun with a fragment of imagination?

It's time to put your thinking hats on!

Connect and talk, talk, talk and talk (Discuss)

From your best-friend to Sigmund Freud, everybody recommends "TALK IT OUT!" because it's the best therapy ever.

When the floor is filled with hundreds of crushed paper and frustration, it's time you connect with like-minded people and not so like-minded people and see what opinions they have to offer. Be a patient listener at the same time. Who knows if something valuable emerges out?

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone, dial couple of numbers and fix a lunch!