A person, when awake, has responsibilities and restrictions which in some way hamper the creative imagination but when asleep, is a free bird! In dreams, the imagination goes on a stroll without worrying about the surroundings. In fact, sometimes, the imaginary thoughts are so strong that they turn into reality and give a great breakthrough!

►Do you know that there actually are such dreams which have turned into reality? Don’t believe us? Read further.

►Remember “The Beatles”? Well, who doesn't? Paul McCartney revealed that he wrote the Beatles super hit “Yesterday” in a dream.

►The true structure of 'Benzene Ring’, occurred to Friedrich Kekulé in his dreams in the form of a snake biting his tail.

►Salvador Dali, a surrealist Spanish painter, calls many of his works; Hand-painted dream photographs and “Persistence of Memory” is one of the most brilliant examples.

  Imagination is a joyous ride. Close your eyes, you are in Europe and in a snap you're flying in space. These mental images are our constant source of inspiration and can display wonderful results. It's the production of new ideas that are worthwhile.

Albert Einstein rightly quoted "Creativity is intelligence having fun!"

  “Creativity” is pretty much the norm today. Being creative helps you to invent, discover, create, and solve problems in novel ways and in expressing yourself. Every business requires creative thinkers in the form of researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, writers etc. with the ability to think beyond the obvious, popularly called as “Out of the box” thinking. These out of the box thoughts will lead the future and make grand things happen.
You are now probably wondering, ‘Can Creativity be learned?'

Good news, yes!

Nobel Prize-nominated author Edward De Bono said, “Creative thinking is a skill, it’s not just a matter of individual talent. It’s not just a matter of sitting down by the river listening to Baroque music and hoping you get inspired.”So it's time we put our thinking hats on and scream “Eureka”!

Stay tuned to know how you can be more creative and unlock the reservoirs of ideas in you!!
Happy Thinking!!