We’re talking about the generation which is on every brand’s radar when it comes to audience targeting. The reason being that ‘Millennials’ are the certified influencers of our time. An age group of individuals who have had experienced so much, seen so many things and lived numerous lifestyles in just a small matter of time. The youth is better educated, better connected to information, and better connected to the world. They move fast and desire for more!

Why millennials are in the spotlight?

It’s because millennials occupy more than 30% of the total population in India. And numbers are directing upwards.

So if we put active internet users in the frame, it will be near about 60%. Estimated to go up by 70% in 2020. That means 50% of them are millennials.

Let’s see what do they do online, and how it’s heading towards a “Digital Revolution” lead by the young denizens of the internet.

Dominating the Social Media

Millennials in India are one of the world’s greatest sources of untapped economic potential. Sitting all comfy at home, rushing ahead of everyone in the cafe line, or walking down the sidewalk, chances are you’ll spot millennials goofing around on social media most of the time. some use it several times a day, some are hyperactive, and then some of them who are glued to their smartphone screens all the time like they have ‘sold their soul’ to social media, oh wait! We have a term for them too. They’re known as ‘social media influencers’.

Millennials feel like social media platforms provide all the necessities at one place. some of the news, info, trends, entertainment, shopping options are there too, tons of cat and dog videos, friends and other people, and let’s not forget memes (we love memes).

Facebook, is one of the main social media platforms which is most sought after when it comes to serving news directly to your news feed. Guess what!

Let’s not talk about it because everybody’s parents started using Facebook, so…

The perfect word to pick up right now would be, anyway, let’s talk about other social media networks, their impact, and involvement with millennials.

Let’s say Instagram and youtube for example.

Very different from each other… but they have so many similarities as well. They have a trademark of loyalty, especially in communities or niche like fashion, fitness, gadgets etc.

Millennials do trust their peers with so many things. If some influencer drops a product review video targeting their kind of particular audience then yeah it will work for them and for the people who are watching it. In fact, 72% of buyers are influenced because it’s nothing less than a word of mouth. They trust the guy/girl and it is way more realistic than traditional ways of selling products.

And yeah there is a direct way to sell products on the social media. They try to impress you with extravagant content. Actually, it’s all fine though. It’s not a new world order, right? They manufacture products, endorse them and provide the facility of customer support, nothing new. We think it’s just a newly emerging market and millennials are totally digging it!

Moving on to Online shopping

Engaging with millennials

According to Morgan Stanley, young ones do prefer shopping online more than conservative old means. 78% of peeps turn to their smartphone apps and make their way to the checkout page.

Marketers are definitely going to tap the market which is booming. It’s as clear as holy “Water of Nazareth”. Also resembles the basic law of economics, demand and supply my friends!

Like their peers in other markets, Indian companies will have to adapt to survive the accelerating demographic consumer shift. Those that evolve winning strategies to capture India’s Millennials not only stand to benefit in our country, but could also extend such strategies into other economies.

T.V is not the same anymore

With detailed stunning HD quality, there are end numbers of features to choose streaming services over traditional means of satellite broadcasting. Millennials surely know how to n*tflix and chill.

Streaming content is the future

Whenever you want it you get it, on the train, on the beach, in your bathroom or your backyard.

We can guarantee one thing for sure that millennials are fond of mobile devices.

Audio/video no matter what form it is, you’re gonna get it right there in the device that you can hold in your hand.

According to a study by GlobalWebIndex, more than 39% of millennial users are typically more inclined to watch stuff in their phones, tablets or laptop.

The data says a lot of things about an upcoming shift. We’re counting 2019 as one of the milestones, keeping in mind the things that are going to happen in the fullness of time.

Millennials have the potential to move the things not only on the Internet but directly or indirectly they influence the economy by a massive margin.

Here’s to the future and the voice of youth, Kudos!

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