Diwakar, a techie who had recently started his own product based company wanted to market his products across his targeted locations. He approached the newspaper agencies, hoarding providers and print service providers for “Print Marketing”. On the other hand, when it came to digital marketing, he was well acquainted with social media and hence took it upon himself to promote online.

So he got the hoardings up, got the tweets done, got the presence online and offline.
Not long until it came to his notice that both mediums gave him results, but with a vast difference in terms of cost, inquiries, reach and branding.
So, which one is more effective, which one is easy on the pockets and which one is the optimum medium?

Print media: Print media, the oldest means of marketing, is always going to be there no matter what, because of its impact on the audience, its familiarity, its physical existence and its touch. But it does not give a broader range of targeted audience on a daily basis and when it does, it costs a sky rocketing amount!

“Digital media does that for you at 50% of its cost!”

Digital Media: Digital media gives a wide demographic reach and an enormous audience base through SMSs, Emails, Web pages, Websites, Social media platforms and various search engine tools. There are ways in digital media through which the brand or the company can always remain at the top of every platform. It makes the product “Viral”, reaching billions and hence, giving an audience base which remains engaged with their name always and follows them loyally. Viral is the new form of digital marketing. It is what stays on forever on the internet and on the minds of billions!

“It is not just about posts, likes, comments and sharing; it's more about engaging, interacting, targeting and timing!”

Some facts that we would like to state below:
In India, digital world is achieving unforeseen heights with 243 million active users of Internet and 39% growth in social media users on mobile. A person on an average spends approximately 5 hrs on mobile! Print media can never achieve such a huge demographic reach which digital media already has!
Let us have a look at the difference between digital and print media:
Print Media
Digital Media
Only in that demographic area
All over the World
Not highly flexible
Highly flexible
Difficult to get
Easily achieved
No surety
Time targeted
Very High
Bare minimum
Updating speed
Takes time
Tracking and Analytics
Moderate to High
Moderate to High

Where does it leave us? Which medium is the best?
Well the facts and the analysis show that digital is the medium to go for.
But then again, it is a debate that is subjective based on the results each medium has derived for an individual or a company! With this comparison, we are in no way underestimating the power of Print media.

“They both have been called two sides of a coin but Digital is the side that’s seen the most!”

The bottom-line is, print or digital, the quality and the effectiveness of the work matters in the end. At Valens, we provide the correct blend of Print and Digital marketing services so that you never stay behind in anything! We strive to make your presence seen and your work acknowledged by millions! Because, Print creates golden memories but Digital lets you live those memories, on repeat!