With 2018 about to end, we feel like this is the high time to talk about how essential Social media marketing is for every brand.
To some brands, it is "The future of marketing", "The next big thing".

Then there are those who are doing it effortlessly while having their fair share of fun!

To others, it's just a buzzword with no real advantages and a steep, complex learning curve.

If we were to say some words about the Impact of social media marketing, we would say that it’s just like the sunshine on a bright sunny day! Vividly visible, and out there for you to see as well.

Now, we’re willing to roll the reel backward a little bit. Slow ride to 2014 when social media marketing was just a newly emerging way of marketing!

In 4-5 past years, it has shaped like a new mode of marketing itself!

According to hubspot in 2014, 92% of marketers agreed that social media marketing is a huge part of their marketing strategy and progress!

With a collective of nearly 80% had claimed that their efforts into social media marketing have directly increased their website traffic. And according to social media examiner , 97% of the marketers actively participated in social media marketing that year.

So that’s quick stats for you which date back to about 5 years from now!

Keeping these figures in mind, you could only imagine how greater of an impact it has now, and its potential to increase the sales!

Here are some quick ways to explain how social media marketing can improve your business and all the benefits that you gain for good.

Brand Recognition

You can set your social media accounts to be the channel for your brand’s voice and content. Increased brand recognition is always super helpful. As you can easily access new customers and, be more familiar with the existing ones. Simply when they (your audience) see your brand’s name frequently, they tend to remember it most probably. Give your brand a good name above all.

Build Brand Loyalty

In recent years it has been proven by numerous reports that the brands who engage with their customers through their social media accounts happen to enjoy more brand loyalty than others. All the companies should take full advantage of social media tools.

A good social media strategy will serve you well, making customers swift smoothly to become the loyal ones. According to the studies on customer behavior, it’s projected that more than 47% of customers are really loyal to the brands that they follow on social media.

Extended Brand Authority

Okay, so we have established the fact that interacting with your customers is highly beneficial in so many terms. Think of a direct effect that it marks on new customers. Imagine some of your customers are happy with the products or services that you offer as a brand. They will most likely turn to you on your social media. And it just goes on to show a good faith and value for your brand to others. The more people that are talking about your brand, the more valuable and authoritative it will appear to new users. And if you happen to have some interactions with the ‘social media influencers’ your practical authority will reach a boom!

See how British bakery chain Greggs is doing it perfectly

More Chances to Convert

“Every move you make, they’ll be watching you!”

With social media, you have very fine chances to morph your audience to your customers. When you build a following you’ll eventually have the access to you your customers. The current ones, old ones and the new ones too.

Every blog, Image, video or any other pieces of content will benefit you. Moreover, every reply on comments and reviews done by the followers may lead to a website visit and hence; A conversion. Not every interaction will reap you this fruitful outcome. Every positive interaction will raise the chance of it happening. So now you know what to do!

Netflix's twitter account is a kind of an entertainment in itself. Click here to see!

Increased Website Traffic

When you don’t have social media, your website traffic is limited to the people who are familiar with your brand or some individuals searching for keywords that you rank for.

Social media accounts are generally a gateway leading back to your website. And every piece of content that you create is the opportunity for new visitors. The more quality content you create on social media, the more website traffic you’ll generate. And more traffic means more leads and more conversions.

Less marketing cost involved

All you need to do is spend approximately 6-7 hours of effort per week, which is just enough to keep it right on the track! It’s really not much at all. And yes, there are ways to do it, organic or inorganic. So as per your needs you can go organic or the other way which means you have to pay a little for the paid promotion. And you can have our word for it, that it is not that expensive. If you want a really effective outcome you should check out


Enriched Customer Experiences

You can have butter soft fluent experience of communication which is slightly more effective than any other form like emails or phone calls. You can publicly demonstrate the level of customer service you offer as a brand and take your customer relationship to the next level. For instance, if a customer raises a complaint on social media. You can apologize. It’s more personal and lets the customer feel at ease. And proportionally you too!

Accurate Customer Insights

All social media platform collect a wide variety of metrics, which will show you the exact figures. You can retrieve so much of valuable information, including what interests your customer and how you should behave to cope up. You can just read comments and realize what the customers feel about your brand in general. You can definitely track down what kind of posts are making it big, as in which type of content has the most appeal to the audience, create more of that.

These are some of the long-term benefits of social media. But if you’re really reluctant to take a dive into it, we advise you to just go ahead because of several reasons.

Your competitions are into it already

You get results as soon as you start, so better do it now!

And you’ve got nothing to lose, literally!

Call the best there is and get it all done.

Like really, we do it ALL!