All your motivational quotes, all those meme’s, all those .gif files and all your short clips are being summed up in this one video. Why we say that? Lets break it down.

Gatorade is a brand that has always been about pushing yourself to the limits. Providing energy when you need it the most.
Be it a workout or any sports activity Gatorade serves the purpose.
Its all about feeling that adrenaline rush.
And then this uplifting brand signs Argentine superstar Lionel Messi to do this commercial. All all hell broke loose.
The opening scene where we just see a close shot of Messi and voice over saying “Don’t go down”
Awe that opening scene. That impact. That power.
On a side note, this video steals the show with the amazing voice-over artist and the dominant music. Awestruck
Moving on, we see a couple of shots of Messi and his struggle on field and the voice-over continues.
Messi being roughed up and then the video shuts and says “DO NOT GO DOWN BECAUSE IF YOU GO DOWN THEN YOU CANNOT DEFY ODDS.”
In the end the tagline shows up “WIN FROM WITHIN”

And that is it. At that very moment Valens thought that this video is the epitome of video production, brilliant advertising and in the end the only motivational video you need to play on loop.