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In case you are curious about our name: Valens means creative, valens means strategy, it means everything to do with advertising and apparently, there was " A great Roman Emperor" by that name, too. All you need to know is, we are one of the top advertising agencies with over half a decade experience in digital marketing, social media marketing, print advertising, website development and event management.

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It is simple: Advertising is a result driven industry and we make sure we deliver ROI based campaigns. All our staff is in-house with no outsourcing whatsoever. We have been in the industry for only 5 years, but like they say “Wisdom… comes not from age, but from skill, perseverance and learning” P.s. we might have altered that quote a little bit!

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Every business has competition and we understand that very well. Thus our team of designers, writers, digital marketeer’s and managers work hard to promote and grow your business. Our unique creatives catch the end user attention, our content makes them curious, our marketing campaigns deliver results and our managers make sure the clients are content throughout the journey.


We put companies and brands on the map. We advertise, market and run ROI based campaigns that in turn increase business or visiblity.

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website development

We design and develop fluid websites. We design php, HTML/CSS and CMS based websites for all brands nation-wide.

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Logo concepts will be presented for first round of review. Based on your review, improvised design will be made and presented to you.

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